Santa's Submarine

Welcome to Santa's Submarine! In 1952 Santa received a large pile of letters from the mermaid children of Coral Cove, an underwater village deep under the sea. He needed a way to get there and decided our mini sub would be perfect for the job and just the right size for elves! With a little bit of magic, it can get Santa to places Reindeer refuse to go! They really don't like the water...


 Now, every year, Santa and his elves make this very special journey with the help  of our submarine

and deliver the presents to all the good

girls and boys of Coral Cove.


Only this time, you can join them (with an appointment) too and even

meet Santa himself!

Prepare to dive!

Come visit Santa in his undersea grotto and all his

Elf friends!

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Save the dates in

December, 2019

Scottish Submarine Centre, Helensburgh, G84 8UN



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